The PAR Skill Set



The PAR Skill Set is based on the key skills top performers use to gain the support, buy-in and commitment of others. The foundation of these business skills are that:

  1. Top performers initiate business interactions with a unique confident demeanor that causes open mindedness while clearly establishing common goals. Exactly how that is done must be illustrated and then experienced.
  2. Top performers listen differently than other people.

    By observing a person's desires and inclinations, top performers are able to determine a person's true feelings. Then, they switch to ordinary listening to uncover and size up the facts of a situation. This results in better, faster, more accurate listening by enabling people to grasp the true meaning of what people say, instead of merely hearing the words.

    Research has uncovered exactly how that unique kind of listening occurs. That skill can now be developed into a conscious competency. It yields a precise and scientific clarity to empathy.
  3. Top performers link the above two skills to the next - the ability to reason with anyone at any point of view.

    They can link logic and emotions! They can accurately position business ideas to fit the other person's momentary point of view both logically and emotionally.
  4. Top performers link the above skills to this one: The acclaimed ability to inspire a change of heart, a change of viewpoint, and a change of confidence in others. They can inspire greater receptivity and positive feelings and inclinations towards their ideas and proposals.

    This is not a contrived technique. It is a bona fide skill - the most important skill of all. Research clearly uncovered how it is done. The skill can be replicated, experienced and proven. And, it can be coached to conscious competence.
  5. Finally, top performers bring closure to their business interactions in a manner that inspires genuine confidence, commitment or buy in more often than anyone else.

    Keep in mind, that this outcome can be applied to customer service, supervision/management, teamwork, sales or leadership. Each of these competencies drives an enterprise's execution and tangible business results.

How Proficiency Is Coached and Acquired

With more than 25 years experience at over 500 companies worldwide, we have solid evidence that 85% to 90% of people can acquire the above skills to measurably higher levels of conscious competence. People who are already competent make the biggest gains. They become even more proficient.

By direct coaching involving groups of 12 to 20 people at a time, these skills can be acquired during real work. The specialized coaching needed occurs during the real work interactions in a carefully structured business meeting.

The skills are measurable. The results speak for themselves.

Cracking the Code to Leadership, the  PAR Group leadership training book, outlines in detail the PAR Skills and shows how they can be used at work and in every day life.

For more information on the PAR Skills and how they can work for you and your organization, please contact us.