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Management Training:
Management & Supervisory Skills


When our clients use The PAR Group's training programs to improve the skill of their managers and supervisors, they achieve these results:

  1. Managers and supervisors who are measurably more skillful at the interpersonal communication and influence skills necessary to effectively lead, motivate, coach, and deal with conflict and other personnel issues.
  2. Measurable business results directly linked to the execution of these skills.
  3. Improved initiative, teamwork, cooperation and execution throughout the ranks.

Skilled managers and supervisors are people who are highly capable of getting things done with or through others. There is more to it than good ideas or an ability to "get along." You probably know people with good ideas who can't get them enacted and people who "get along" but don't get things done. Manager's need strong leadership and influencing skills as well. These skills...

Then, commitment drives concrete action. Things happen. People persist. Work gets done and results are clearly achieved.

Our award-winning leadership and management training program, Leadership and Teamwork, trains these skills step by step. This program, used in conjunction with a booklet for managers called Leading People for Quality Results, shows how to directly apply the above interpersonal skills to these fourteen common work practices:

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