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What’s the solution?

 (The following article is an excerpt from the PAR Group quarterly newsletter.)

Attracting and retaining talented people seems to be one of the top priorities in the business community today. The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a day-long workshop on the subject and it has been the focus of feature articles in Training and Sales & Marketing Management magazines.

While the issue is complex and any solution would require numerous components, we believe that PAR’s Leadership and Teamwork skills are a significant part of the solution.

Talented people are drawn to work environments where they can add value. Talented people stay with organizations that make them feel valued.

We believe the use of PAR’s Leadership and Teamwork skills by an organization’s management team creates a corporate culture that is based on respect, and values each employee as an essential part of the company’s ultimate success. Employee turnover in those situations tends to be dramatically lower than national or industry averages.

Secondly, we believe PAR’s influencing skills are essential in helping talented people "sell" their ideas inside an organization so they can see tangible results and measure the value they are delivering.

In our 2nd Quarter newsletter, we asked our clients to let us know their thoughts on this subject. Our clients are, after all, the only people who can accurately judge the value of PAR skills in attracting and retaining talented people. We will compile their responses/comments and publish them in next Quarter’s newsletter (July).

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