Influencing Skills Training



“The PAR Group is the best at coaching that I have ever seen. The coaching materials and exercises don’t just convey knowledge, they make sure your people can execute competently. The execution and the bottom-line results are quickly obvious. I have never seen anything like that before. That’s probably why their clients become part of their sales force. Count me as one of them.”



John Wuycheck, CEO, The Phoenix Group

Everyone’s A Customer II: The Leadership Version is influencing skills for executives that's  innovative and effective at improving skills essential for success at customer service, teamwork, leadership and sales.

Influencing Skills for Executives

Conducting business requires a combination of technical and interpersonal skills—all aimed at turning people into customers and keeping them satisfied. This applies to internal customers (buy-in from associates) as well as to external customers.

The core business skills necessary to do business well in today’s marketplace are way beyond the skills acceptable years ago, and so a higher powered training program is appropriate. We recommend this program, Everyone’s A Customer II.

When was the last time you saw measurable increases in people’s sheer competence as a result of training? The last time you saw greater profit as a direct result of training? You will see it with Everyone’s A Customer II because this course already has a track record for producing these outcomes. 

Integrated Skills

When you review the generalized agenda, do not assume this program is like typical “training programs.” It is much different. The program isn’t “taught.” It is coached while people are in a special meeting focused on implementing real work. You see the skills make a difference—immediately! You see a greater degree of proficiency. You see higher talent at leadership, teamwork, customer … even at sales ability.

The overwhelming evidence and tangible business results cause better learning and better reinforcement.


The influencing skills for executives can be broken into shorter segments if desired. All materials are provided including seven award-winning video-coached lessons, a meeting leader’s guide, a participant coaching kit for each person, and optional reinforcement guides for managers who coach others. Best group size is 12 to 20. The meeting leader should be a properly certified coach, ensuring that the guidance your people receive is both practical and practiced.

Hands-On Coaching for Everyone’s A Customer II: The Leadership Version


Participants are invited to a work session to implement real work with their associates. They are asked to bring six to ten business improvement recommendations with them; they will try to get them implemented and measured for tangible results. During the meeting, they will receive special coaching on how to succeed at getting support and measurable results.



Listening for Other Points of View

Outcome: The ability to tell the degree to which others are buying in (becoming a customer) during the conversation. How to read willingness/motivation in any point of view.

Business Rapport (Respect)

Outcome: The ability to establish common goals in any situation. The ability to prove respect for every point of view. The ability to dissolve negative views.


Analytical Skills for Doing Business    

Outcome: The ability to factually tailor solutions to individual points of view depends on the ability to correctly analyze logical needs first.

Positioning Your Ideas (Aligning)

Outcome: The ability to “follow” and reason with someone else’s point of view.  How to position your ideas and solutions for faster acceptance.

Taking the Lead (Raising)

Outcome: The ability to lead a conversation to more positive and confident degrees of buy-in.  The acclaimed ability to inspire belief and confidence in others.


Managing Resistance or Reluctance

Outcome: Increased competence and effectiveness even in complex, high risk or high resistance situations.

Obtaining Commitments vs. Agreements

Outcome: Measurable skills linked to measurable business results.

Advanced Applications

Outcome: The ability to replicate the skills in other applications and situations.