Professional Leadership Development



“Thanks again for a terrific product. Leadership and Teamwork wins ‘hands down’ when it comes to getting real work results – not just training.”




Carol K. Kruse, VP, Org. Development and Training, The Worthington Group

Leadership and Teamwork is professional leadership development course with an innovative and effective way to improve leadership, supervisory and coaching skills, increase teamwork and cooperation, and drive tangible business results throughout your organization.

The Product - A Leadership Development Course

Documenting measurable performance improvements and business results from training is becoming increasingly important to businesses focused on growth and continued success. To get this kind of verifiable success, you need Leadership and Teamwork, a higher-powered leadership development course that combines technical and interpersonal skills to produce measurable business results.

Leadership and Teamwork is a program where:

  1. Skills are drawn fromaward-winning leadership, teamwork, sales and service programs with proven track records.

  2. Skills are measurable, not vague, soft or fuzzy. 

  3. Skills yield immediate return-on-investment outcomes, guaranteed.

When was the last time you saw measurable increases in people’s sheer competence as a result of training? When was the last time you saw greater profit as a direct result of training? You will see it with Leadership and Teamwork because this professional leadership development course already has a track record for producing those outcomes.

Integrated Skills

Managerial Leadership: Leading others, implementing change, performance coaching, evaluating and supporting others, conducting meetings, handling people problems, motivating, delegating and more.

Teamwork: Creating effective, conflict-free work groups, communicating, discussing and implementing ideas, creating more open, cooperative and active work groups

Coaching: Improving the performance of others

Influencing: Influencing others for greater interpersonal and organizational success

Sales and Service: Diagnosing and solving problems, positioning solutions and serving customers, both internal and external

Leadership and Teamwork is designed to be highly interactive; all the skills are illustrated and then practiced using real business issues, ideas and recommendations.  The program isn’t “taught.” It is coached while people are in a special work session focused on implementing real work. So you see if the skills make a difference – immediately!

Specific and specialized coaching prepares people to succeed at leadership, teamwork and implementing their ideas. The participants become actively engaged in coaching each other. So coaching, as a skill itself, is made part of the session.

This is a skills development program that can benefit every member of an organization from work team members to team leaders, from supervisors, managers and change agents to top executives. You’ll see greater cooperation, more business improvement ideas implemented, more effective work groups and greater customer satisfaction.

Specifications: The session takes three days or the equivalent. All materials are provided, including seven award-winning video lessons, a Meeting Leader’s Guide, a Coaching Kit for each participant and pre-meeting preparation. An ideal group size is 12-20 people. The meeting leader should be a properly certified coach.

Adaptability: Because this program focuses on real work, it is automatically tailored to the issues you want to address. We also offer optional modules for special applications or reinforcement.

Hands-On Coaching in the Skills of Leadership & Teamwork

Participants are invited to a real work session to implement real work with their associates. They are asked to bring six to ten business improvement recommendations with them; they will try to get them implemented and measured for tangible results.  During the meeting, they will receive special coaching on how to succeed at getting support and measurable results. 

Part 1


What Leaders Listen to That Others Do Not

Outcome: The ability to tell the degree to which others are following or not following you at any given moment. The ability to accurately read degrees of buy-in or trust.

How Leaders Establish Conversational Rapport Quickly

Outcome: The ability to prove respect for anybody’s point of view. . . in a completely honest manner. The ability to dissolve negative views during a leadership or teamwork interaction.

Part 2

How Leaders Get the Key Facts: Analytical Business Skills

Outcome:  The ability to correctly analyze logical needs and the ability to tailor solutions to individual points of view.

How Leaders Position (Align) Their Ideas

Outcome:  The ability to “follow” and reason with someone else’s point of view. How to position your ideas and solutions factually and emotionally for faster acceptance.

How Leaders Get “Buy-in,” Support and Commitment

Outcome: The ability to lead (get followers) even in the face of initial resistance. The ability to inspire confidence in others is learned as an explicit skill and proven in implementation.

Part 3

How Leaders Manage Resistance or Reluctance

Outcome: Increased confidence and competence even in high risk, high resistance situations.

How to Bring about Commitments and Closure

Outcome: The ability to obtain mutual commitments instead of maybes. Measurable skills linked to measurable business results.

Advanced Applications

Outcome: The ability to replicate the skills in supervisory and coaching situations. The ability to set goals and measure performance and results.