Communications Skills Course by PAR



“The PAR skills are especially valuable because they drive change. These are essential tools for entering into the complexity of today’s business unafraid.”



Evan Williams, President, Franklin International, Inc.

Listening Skills Course - The Key to Teamwork


Listening - The Key to Teamwork is both a communication skills course and a  teamwork program.  Linking listening and teamwork is natural because, in reality, the two must occur at the same time in a business environment.

What problem does this product solve? Namely, it takes the linkage of listening, communication, problem solving and teamwork to a further level than any other program. The content of the program marries “emotional intelligence” with logical business skills … to link the skills that put the “team” into teamwork with the skills that put the “work” into teamwork.

The abilities to listen, recognize willingness, relate, debate, show respect, get respect, diagnose opportunities as well as problems, resolve differences, negotiate, sell, and inspire…are all needed for teamwork. This communications skills course enhances all of those abilities with one extremely well taught skill set that begins with listening and ends with real life teamwork.

Added Benefits

This communications skills course contains a unique learning methodology that focuses people on how to learn from their successes instead of their failures or mistakes. Learning from success is not only more enjoyable, it speeds up learning and skill acquisition by 250% to 400%!

The course's introduction sets the stage for “learning from success” and links it to applied teamwork. It establishes the point that in business “Everyone is a customer” when it comes to listening, communications, problem solving and teamwork.

Then, three applied skill lessons layer one skill on top of another as participants address real work in a real business meeting, by:


This PAR listening skills course applies to all audiences. Each person receives a personal Coaching Kit . . . used during (and after) in real business interactions. The Leader’s Kit contains award-winning video instruction, a meeting Leader’s Guide and coaching aids.

Duration: The meeting Leader’s Guide contains an agenda for a half-day, one-day, or day and one-half session. You can take the skills to any degree of mastery you desire … from “awareness” all the way to true, measurable proficiency.

An agenda summary is printed on the reverse side of this page. You can acquire individual chapters separately to supplement other training or coaching projects.  Chapters one and two alone make an excellent communication skills program of shorter length. Chapter three includes problem solving and makes the “work” in teamwork an applied reality.

Hands-On Coaching for Listening the Key to Teamwork

Participants are invited to a real work session to implement real work improvements. They bring business improvement ideas to the meeting and try to get buy-in and teamwork from each other to get their ideas implemented and measured for tangible results. During the meeting they receive special skills coaching on how to succeed at getting support and measurable results.  Some of that coaching is listed below


Chapter 1 – Listening for Other Points of Views

Outcomes: The ability to tell the degree to which others are open or not open to ideas and solutions. How to “read” other people’s willingness and motivation as well as the facts.  Seeing the connection between logic and emotion (“emotional intelligence”).

Chapter 2 – Listening to Achieve Rapport

Outcomes: The ability to present a recommendation and establish a common goal at the same time. The ability to prove respect for every point of view and establish credibility and two-way rapport during a conversation. The ability to dissolve negative reactions on the path to teamwork.

Chapter 3 – Listening to Clarify Problems/Opportunities

Outcomes: The ability to analyze needs and factually tailor solutions to fit individual points of view. The ability to lead a conversation from problem/opportunity analysis toward open-mindedness and positive solutions.