PAR's ESL Listening Course



“This program addressed a segment of our company that gave the hourly work force tools to make change happen with management at all levels. PAR continues to provide more than training….It’s a skill that provides a basis of doing business together as a team.”


Steve Hurster, President, Bohn and Dawson, Inc.

Listening for Teamwork, PAR's ESL communications skills course, is a proven way to build work force talent at teamwork. This PAR course is an accountable, results-producing, coaching program that you deliver in-house. Designed for all audiences, this ESL communications course can even be used for those with limited reading/writing skills.

ESL Communications Skills

Certain skills put the “team” into teamwork … e.g., listening and respect skills, and certain skills put the “work” into teamwork… e.g., listening and analytical skills.

Both sets of these skills have a common ground because both are grounded in superior listening skills. So it is natural to combine listening with the skills that put the “team” and the “work” into teamwork.

No training or coaching program has ever done that as well as Listening for Teamwork.  Usually, “team” skills and “work” skills are taught separately. It is better to integrate them from the outset. 

More than 500,000 people internationally have verified the superior skills and superior methodology used in this ESL listening course. Listening for Teamwork produces measurable skills and business results quickly.

The skills acquired in Listening for Teamwork do transfer into job performance immediately. They do produce a measurable return-on-investment. Reason:  participants are coached while performing real work in teams — rather than doing role-plays or games.

Communications Skills Course Specifications

Listening for Teamwork provides a unique kind of coaching to groups of 9 to 20 people while they are actually working. It is not “time off for school.”

The Leader’s Guide, videotapes and coaching aids are uniquely designed to relate to all audiences, job titles and all industries. There is an intentional focus or “slant” toward the everyday applications of customer service (both internal and external) as well as to teamwork.

Instructor certification is required, involving one or two complete “hands-on” turns through the pro­gram. The reason for certification is more than just for familiarity. The skills in this program go far be­yond any listening, communications or teamwork skills taught in other programs. These skills are not difficult to grasp, but they are, indeed, a “stretch.” This program takes skills to a much higher level than typical packaged training programs.

To fit the scheduling needs of the work force, this program is best provided in short coached segments. The five segments plus follow-up events can be implemented in two to three hours each.


Coached skill-building activities include:

(These are not chapter or module titles. The words in italics are to tell you exactly what competencies are em­bedded in each coaching segment.)

Hands-On Coaching in the Skills of Listening for Teamwork



Chapter 1 – Listening for Other Points of Views

Chapter 2 – Business Respect and Rapport

Chapter 3 – Analytical Skills for Doing Business

Follow-up Options

Topics and Activities that reinforce all of the skills

PAR clients use this program to produce accountable business results at any level in their organization. Because of its applied coaching and “hands-on” nature, our clients take this program to all employees, including those employees who have limited literacy skills or those who speak English as a second language.