Sales Leadership Development



“PAR has helped equip our sales force with the tools to be better and more effective communicators - positively impacting individual, as well as company, success.”



Brent Standridge, Executive Vice President, Fort Dodge Animal Health

PAR Sales Training is a completely new way to teach customer-focused selling. For those who want expert sales training development, this is the course for you. By combining technical and interpersonal skills with hands-on coached practice, this PAR sales training development program produces measurable skill improvements and business results. This is the only sales training development program of its kind guaranteed to produce a full ROI within 90 days.

The Approach

People acquire talent at selling by actually selling and receiving instant feedback.  That method, however, has never before been achieved in a “sales training” program, so we reinvented sales training development and made it real, not schoolroom, training.

Groups of 12 to 20 people attend a work session in which they receive instruction and coaching on a unique set of leadership, sales and customer relations skills rather than sales tactics. Then, they practice by selling real business improvement recommendations to each other. Everything is coached as it actually occurs. The skills are immediately put to use for measurable and tangible results. The proof of the skills’ effectiveness is so convincing that participants are automatically motivated to use them for everyday selling. 

Effective? Indeed. This is meas­urably the most effective way ever organized to imple­ment sales skill improvement. PAR Sales Training has a proven track record in hundreds of companies. It has won numerous international awards of excellence and the loyal support of the world’s best-managed and best-trained companies in 29 countries. 

Executive Caliber Skills

Partnering with customers is a highly regarded concept. However, teaching the concepts is not enough. To actually do it requires exceptional skills—the kind of skills not taught in typical business training programs. The leadership-based selling skills contained in this program are the “missing link” between theory and actual sales success.

The unique content and methodology of PAR Sales Training Development are based on Nobel Prize winning research and our own international benchmark research on the skills used by successful sales leaders. PAR Sales Training is an innovative, customer-focused selling skills program that increases your sales forces’ confidence, their ability to listen, communicate, qualify, develop customer partnerships, uncover and solve problems, gain respect, negotiate, influence, and close more successfully. 


PAR Sales Training is for companies and large sales organizations that want to improve the selling skills of their workforces and create stronger relation­ships with their clients.  This sales  leadership development course is not available through public workshops because it is tailored to your people and your business.

Duration: We cater our classes to meet your organization's needs. Beginners may benefit from two sessions spread over a few months of field experience.

All materials are provided. The PAR Group will conduct any number of sessions until clients can implement on their own.

All members of any organization can participate in this program. Internal sales and internal customer service skills are improved in the same manner as outside selling. A non-sales version of the program titled Everyone’s A Customer is available for executives, technical and sales support people.


PAR Sales Training and its companion versions for internal leadership and teamwork development have a 99% success rate and have been used by companies in a wide variety of industries. Clients include Hewlett-Packard, GTE, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, Southwestern Bell, Georgia Power, Merrill Lynch, Oracle and UPS to name a few.

Hands on Coaching for PAR Sales Training

Participants are invited to a work session to implement real work with their associates.  They are asked to bring six to ten business improvement recommendations with them; they will try to get them implemented and measured for tangible results. During the meeting, they will receive special coaching on how to succeed at gaining support and obtaining customers and tangible results. Some of the coaching is listed below:

Part 1:


Understanding Buying Decisions

Outcomes: The ability to accurately read and “follow” another person’s point of view.  The ability to tell the degree to which others are buying or not buying what you are saying at any given moment. Realizing that buying is the pursuit of confidence, not just understanding.

How to Establish Conversational Rapport and Credibility

Outcomes: The ability to prove respect for anybody's point of view in a completely convincing manner. The ability to establish common goals in any situation. The ability to dissolve negative views and sales resistance by using leadership skills instead of sales tactics.

Part 2:

Qualifying/Diagnosing Needs

Outcomes: Knowing when a sale is “makeable” and what the requirements will be for a technically sound solution.

Positioning Your Ideas for Maximum Receptivity

Outcomes: How to position solutions to meet customer needs. Factually and emotionally well-targeted solutions that others will accept. The ability to “customize” on the spot.

How to Get Buy-In, Support, and Commitment

Outcomes: The ability to get buy-in even in the face of initial resistance. The ability to lead a conversation to new or different points of view. The genuine ability to influence others and inspire confidence.

Part 3:

Answering Objections, Managing Resistance or Reluctance

Outcome: Increased competence and effectiveness even in complex, high risk, or high resistance situations.

Closing: Obtaining Commitments vs. Agreements

Outcome: The ability to close sales and gain committed buy-in. Measurable skills linked to measurable business results.

Advanced Applications/Options